17 July 2014
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Military Dog Tags And Other Types of Dog Tags- A Brief Description

Military Dog Tags were originally used for the purpose of identifying the bodies of military personnel and also to store medical information like blood group, vaccinations taken, allergies and so on, for the purpose of facilitating emergency medical treatment. So these ID tags sometimes act as lifesavers on the battlefield.

But why do you think they are called Dog Tags? For a very simple reason- these tags resemble those worn by dogs around their necks. Dog tags for military personnel are still in use. But there are other types of personalized ID Tags that are available today. We will briefly describe both military tags and personalized tags below:

Military Dog Tags

Dog tags for military forces are still being widely used, as just mentioned. These tags are made of metal alloys which are corrosion-resistant. They are usually composed of two halves joined together, and contain engraved or die-stamped information, in two separate copies. These ID Tags are available in different finishes, like matte, notched, copper, brass, and black powdered. In the event of death, one half of the tag is taken for gathering information, and its counterpart is kept with the body in case it cannot be taken out of the battlefield easily at that moment.

Personalized Dog Tags

Today, dog tags are used for other purposes too. You might see dog tags being used as innovative and trendy marketing tools for promoting different businesses. You might even see them being worn as a fashion accessory, as for instance, rap stars do. Customized dog tags make a style statement of their own. You can get dog tags that are heart-shaped; these are especially popular with women who prefer this feminine shape to the standard oval shape. You can also wear your tags on a beaded chain or plain metallic chain, which again could be made from different metals like aluminum, steel, silver or gold. It is common to get a chain of the same material as the tag, but you can mix different metals to create a truly unique look. You could also wear your tags on a silk or nylon cord if you want. This will feel much more luxurious and comfortable on your skin.

You can get customized dog tags from many online retailers and suppliers. It is very easy to customize your designs; all you have to do, on most websites, is choose the materials, the shape, what graphics and/or text you want on the tag, and whether you want these to be die-stamped or engraved onto the tag. Many of these website offer substantial discounts too, so go ahead and get a trendy dog tag for yourself today itself. 

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