22 June 2014
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Skin Tags And Skin Tags Removal

These growths are known by a variety of terms. To mention just a few: fibroepithelial polyps, soft fibroma, cutaneous tag and acrochordon (acrochorda is the plural). It is estimated that as much as 50% of individuals are affected by them. On the bright side, they are non-cancerous and there are many alternatives available for skin tags removal.

Since most growths appear in creases, such as armpits, groin, neck, and under the breasts, it is believed that they are caused by the flesh rubbing together. They also often appear on eyelids. Although the acrochordon may affect anyone at any time, obese people are more prone to develop acrochorda, probably because they have more fleshy folds. They are also more common in pregnant females, though these usually disappear a few months after pregnancy. People with Type 2 diabetes are also more prone to develop these tags.

Some have linked illegal steroid use to development of these growths. Illegal steroids cause a bonding of collagen fibers. Heredity is also a factor. These polyps are most often found in middle aged and older individuals. Children have developed them, though this is rare. Microorganisms may also cause these growths, such as the wart virus. As they are considered harmless, they have not been given any priority in the scientific research arena, so specific causes are still mostly unknown.

Usually the size of a rice grain, the growth may have some variances in shape and size. Starting small, they grow over time. In rare instances, they can be grape sized. In very large growths, pressure may cause them to burst, though this is unusual. Generally they are skin colored, but can sometimes be darker. They appear to be pieces of hanging flesh.

Though some medical providers may order a biopsy, diagnosis is generally made based on their appearance. Though usually painless, if the acrochordon is constantly rubbing, such as between the legs, they can become irritated. They can also get pulled by jewelry, seatbelts or clothing. While they are generally considered harmless, they can be annoying and embarrassing.

While harmless, these growths can become irritated or be unsightly and embarrassing. While some tags may simply fall off, this is generally not the case. There are now many options for removal. There are medical procedures which include cutting, freezing or burning. Acrochorda on the eyelids can prove more problematic for this type of removal.

Products are now available to consumers for removal of these tags. Before purchasing one of these products, check to see if there are doctor endorsements of the product and if there are any money back guarantees. Also check for consumer reviews of the product.

While easily removed, may grow back, which will mean the removal process may need repeating. If you are choosing medical treatment for removal, you may find it is a time consuming and expensive option. Currently there is no known treatment guaranteeing against future polyp formation. Have these growths removed is a wise investment, with many options today for skin tags removal products you can use in the privacy and comfort of your home.

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