21 July 2014
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Taekwondo Basics

Don’t form exercise addiction. In regular, take part in the initial fitness training will feel very excited, especially when practice an effect. In a large extent, it encourages you to practice more.

But some people enter to gym could not wait to do great intensity exercise, ignoring the warm up before exercise. In addition, immoderate exercise will make you feel tired and affect your normal life and work. For this, US training board spokesman Richard Cotton indicates that build body is a long time item, don’t want to become a strong and handsome sir in one day.

It is the important period to eat food during woke up in the morning and after training.

You need eat more food when you don’t feel full in the morning. If not, you will feel hungry in the following exercise. American Colorado State University assistant professor Bern said that people should eat more foods which contain more carbohydrates and proteins in the morning.
Egg white is a better choice

What’s more, low-fat yogurt, milk and cereals are also the better choice. After training, you should eat directly. Because your body needs supple energies at this time. Food contains carbohydrate, protein, water and others are better. Certainly, delicious snacks are required.

Many kinds’ trainings are good for your health; it can make your body function balanced development

Though aerobic exercises can strengthen endurance and cardiovascular systems, for growth strength and body function are too small effects. Only combine the aerobic exercise and force training can improve physical quality roundly

Before training do stretching exercises, but do warm up first

Doing ten minutes low intensity pedal exercise first. It decreases hurting, what’s more, it also boosts body temperature before doing great intensity practice. If your body becomes warmer, you can continue to do five to ten minutes stretching practice, especially stretch muscles and body joints which may be used.
Recovery is also important to participants

In the training period; the necessary pause can’t be neglected. Due to body needs enough rest periods to recover. For people who learn to taekwondo first, don’t do more than about four times of intensity exercises in a week.

In addition, comprehensive nutrition maintenance is needed. Eating five to six times is better in one day. At last, you should sleep eight hours. Because enough sleeping will make your spirit and body recovery.

Don’t do the same exercise repeat. Sport experts tell us that only you enforce it, then your body changes. In other words, the more exercises you do, the more changes you get.

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