22 July 2014
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The Dummies Guide to Formula 1

Just visualise for a second flying off to Europe to attend the premier race of the Grand Prix circuit in Monaco. Chances are you will be rubbing shoulders with society’s elite in the principality of Monaco. After that it is just a hop and a skip to Belgium to enjoy a lot more than just great hot chocolate. (Although they do make some of the finest chocolate in the world.) As a jetsetter, you would then be off to Abu Dhabi to once again hear the roars of the Formula 1 engines during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

As a tourist, this sounds quite intriguing and many of us envy the Grand Prix drivers their glamorous lifestyle. Of course, for these drivers it is not all parties and glamour – Formula 1 requires a lot of focus and dedication. Those at the top of this game are often subjected to extreme pressure.

For those of us that could really only dream of life as a Formula 1 racer, the thrills and spills of the Grand Prix circuit are usually only something that we can enjoy through the use of our television sets. If you want a better idea of the experience of a Formula 1 driver though, you can always immerse yourself in specialised Formula 1 Holidays. Those that arrange Formula 1 Holidays do their absolute best to ensure that you feel completely immersed in the high glamour world of Formula 1 whilst you are on holiday.  

Formula 1 Holidays can range in depth from a very basic tour that just really covers accommodation, flights and race tickets to absolute luxury tours that also include rides in a Formula 1 car, trips to the Pit Stops, etc. Depending on the type of tour, you may even get a chance to experience for yourself exactly how powerful these engines actually are – not, of course, at the same speed the racers will be using but more than enough to get your blood pumping.

What really makes the Formula 1 Holidays unique though is the opportunity to see your favorite drivers and teams in action. Watch as your favorites sneak into poll position and celebrate with them. If your team ends up losing, you will be able to commiserate with them. Formula 1 is big business for those that manufacture these cars. Considering the huge amounts of money that go into researching and developing these cars, it is no great surprise that they are such high performance vehicles that will hopefully reflect well on their makers. For a front row seat to state of the art technology,  Formula 1 Holidays are the place to be.

There are a lot of different reasons to indulge yourself in Formula 1 Holidays, that it would be take too long to list them all here so the best that you can do is to decide for yourself why you are crazy about Formula 1 racing and use that as your main motivating factor.

The Formula 1 calendar is something of a showcase for the world’s most sought after holiday destinations. Chic European cities such as Barcelona, Monaco and Milan rub shoulders with exotic Malaysia, China, Japan and Korea.

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